Cloud Quest


Is your head in the clouds? Today you're going to become cloud crazy! You have been hired as a meteorologist for Our Elementary School. You will become an expert on different types of white puffs in the sky.


Your job is to complete a Cloud Catalog. It will consist of three drawings of different types of clouds along with a brief description of each. You will also need to answer some general questions about clouds.


Dan's Weather Page

Athena Weather Page


You will work in your team of three taking turns with the mouse.

  1. Use Dan's Weather Page to answer these questions in your cloud catalogue:
  2. Using the Athena Weather Page, make your cloud catalogue.
  3. Look out the window! What types of clouds are in the sky today?
  4. Predict tomorrow's weather.
***Extra Credit! Look at today's weather in Barrow, Alaska. What type of clouds do you think are hovering over Barrow today?



You have completed your Cloud Catalog! You should understand what a cloud is and be able to describe the three major types of clouds. You can now predict the weather. Congratulations!!! You are now an official cloud-crazy meteorologist for Katonah!

This page was designed by 3rd grade teachers: Rebecca Keene, Robyn Greenstone, Shari Robinson, and Patty Sheeran.

Last Update: January 27, 1998

The cloud grapic at the top is from the Athena Weather Page.