It's a Z Out There!

The Town of Braintree has decided to designate a portion of Pond Meadow Park to become the site of a new zoo for the residents of the town. After Mrs. Ima Bigmouth mentioned at Town Meeting that the 5th graders in town had been learning about biomes, it was unanimously decided by the Board that this group of students should act as curators for this new endeavor. (Don't forget to thank her when you see her!)

This is No Monkey Business!

Your job as curators is to research the climate, locations, plants and animals contained within a biome. The Board has indicated that it would like the zoo to be set up as six different display areas, one for each biome. It is your responsibility to report back to Town Meeting a recommendation of which plants and animals should be included in each of the biomes, as well as the climatic conditions that will need to be present for the life residing there. They will also be looking for recommendations on each biome's layout, which needs to take into consideration the safety of the biome's life and that of zoo patrons. The Board would also like informational plaques at the beginning of each of the biomes' display areas with a brief summary of the biome, including locations around the world where the biome exists.

Leaping Lizards! How Do We Do That?

  1. You will be assigned a group which will research one of the biomes of the zoo.
  2. Each member of the group will be responsible for researching an aspect of your biome; plants, animals, or, climatic conditions and world locations. You will become the "expert" for that particular area.
  3. Members within a group will share their acquired knowledge to complete the picture for your biome study, and together arrive at recommendations to the Board on what should be included for the zoo's display. Guidelines for each sub-topic are provided for your assistance. I know what you're thinking....iguana get started!

But First...Cougar Use Some Advice?

Use a separate index card for each source you utilize while taking notes as you work on your research. Be sure to name the source, including the URL if it is an on-line source, on each card, so that you may easily reference back each source as necessary. As you research, remember to concentrate on your particular sub-topic, and not the total environment of your biome. Once you are ready, select the biome to which you have been assigned. You can return to this page at any time by selecting the "home" option.

Llama Give You Some More to Think About.

This assignment should have given you a greater understanding of the various climatic conditions found on Earth and the types of plant and animal life found within them. In addition, you should have a clearer understanding of the inter-relationships between climate, plants and animals. Additional areas of exploration on this topic include:
Desert    Tundra    Taiga    Grass    R.Forest    D.Forest    

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