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 Your Task

It is 1492. You are the editor of the local newspaper in Spain, and Christopher Columbus has just returned from his first voyage to the West Indies. He thought he had found a new route to the East Indies, but instead discovered an area in the Western Hemisphere that did not appear on any maps.

  1. Using the following web sites, find out whether his discovery of the New World helped the native (indigenous) people or caused them harm.  

  2. Your task is to publish a newspaper or make a poster that shows whether or not Columbus was a titan (hero-like) or a tyrant (dictator-someone who rules  by force).

 Christopher Columbus' life

Christopher Columbus: Man and Myth

The Caribbean Societies

The Caribbean-Las Indias (the people)

An Indian perspective in the 20th century.

Primary Sources


Rubric for newspaper
Rubric for poster
Note taking instructions
Primary Sources