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African American History - The fight for Civil Rights 
Research on the impact of the fight for civil rights by African Americans. "We think about slavery as this complete package that just came to evil landowners. It didn't happen that way. It happened one law at a time, one person at a time."  Frances Latimer. 

Apples (web projects about Apples for young students)

You have just been named Head Coach of the 2004 Olympic Men’s Basketball team. Using the Internet for research, you will put together the best team possible of 12 players who will represent the USA in the Olympics. 

A Webquest about bats for second grade students. 

A biography is the story of someone's life. Using the Internet students find information
which helps them create biographies, detail important events, the successes, and milestones of a life.
Biographies in Science
Biographies in Social Studies
Biographies in Mathematics

Birds Webquest
An Inquiry project for late elementary and middle school students that asks them to gather data about birds in the Pacific Northwest and use the data to construct a database. 

Bluebird Quest
Elementary students become experts on bluebirds by studying how we can help them survive.

Boil Boil Toil and Trouble - The International Boiling Point Project
Ever Wonder What Causes a Pot of Water to Boil? If you have, this project's for you!   (6th grade through high school)

People all over the world are boiling water! The purpose of this project is to discover which factor in the experiment (room temperature, elevation, volume of water, or heating device) has the greatest influence on boiling point. Anyone can participate in this year's project. All you have to do is boil a bit of water, record a bit of information, and send it along to us to include in the database of results. Then, students can analyze all of the data to reach an answer to the question: What causes a pot of water to boil? Its that simple!

Bugs - Study of bugs for early elementary school students

Business Plan Quest
You are about to become an entrepreneur! You have just won the lottery worth 1.5 million dollars and want to invest in a business that will be successful and will profit in the long run. Develop a plan for your business. It will be your roadmap for the future, because: "if you fail to plan, you will plan to fail". 

Cell Theory
Links to information on cell theory and the most important researchers in this field of study. 

Christopher Columbus
Using the Internets, students work to find out whether Colyumbus' discovery of the New World helped the native (indigenous) people or caused them harm.  They then publish a newspaper or make a poster that shows whether or not Columbus was a titan (hero-like) or a tyrant (dictator-someone who rules  by force).

Cloud Quest
Is your head in the clouds? Elementary students are hired as  meteorologists and become experts on different types of white puffs in the sky.

Calaveras Webquest
Hispanic tradition of the "Day of the Dead" is the topic of research for this project. Students benefit from expanding cultural conceptions.

Character Building
Young students build a person from  the best character traits. 

Character Education 
Students help their school decide whether character education should be included in the curriculum 

Kindergarten and first grade students learn about their Communities in this Webquest. 

Coral Reef Quest
Scientists predict that the subsequent melting ice cap will destroy the
ecological balance of the oceans, resulting in the eradication of the coral reef communities. In order to prevent the extinction of this essential biome, the government has recruited teams of specialists to respond to the crisis. Students take the roles of scientists and study.

Decimal Tutorial: A web quest design for students(6-8) and parents.

Dewey Decimal System: A Super Sleuth Webquest - The mystery students must solve is to find out how the Dewey Decimal System works so they can find books and information when the computers are down. 

A Webquest for 8th grade students using spreadsheets and earthquake data from the US Geological Survey.

Enlightenment - The American Enlightenment

Farm Animals - A webquest for young students. In the unit "Down on the Farm" the students are engaged in many authentic activities that will increase their understanding of different types of farms. The children discuss and discover different farm animals and farm products.

For grades Kindergarten and first. Calling all Detectives! We need your help! One of our friends isn't feeling very good today. They're feeling quite blue. Can you track them down and turn their frown around? We just knew you'd be the one to the rescue!

Finding a New Home
A Webquest for 6th grade that asks students to conduct inquiry to find out about living in countries around the world. 

Friendship - The Power of Friendship
How would you define a friend? To what lengths would you go for your friends? Students study friendship through reading novels and write an essay defining what they believe to be the power of friendship. 

Geometry: What is Geometry? 
"Geometry everywhere. It is in the world around us and beyond." You and your team members are going to be a super detectives. Your team will prove these statements true. To do this you will complete four tasks that involve exploring websites on the Internet. The websites will help you learn more about Geometry so that you can find lots of different Geometrical shapes around you. Finally, your team is going to create a geometry trail at school. Have fun!

Geometry and Architecture: What Makes These Structures? 
Have you ever wondered what shapes and geometry makes structures stand? Students use geometry to understand building construction. 

Great Depression, The: Webquest - Denise Brinker
Social impacts of this important U.S. event become clear as students determine living terms of families at the time.

Gullah Cultural History in South Carolina
A history of African American slaves, their language and their culture, in South Carolina and Southern Georgia. 

Insects - The Wonderful World of Insects
Beginning level study of bugs.

It is the year 2050. Alien scientists have landed on Earth from the planet Delphi orbiting a distant star in another galaxy. The Delphinians are amazed at all the inventions on earth and have requested a team of Earthlings to help them pick an invention to take home with them.

Inventions - For grades 2/3
Second and third grade students learn more about why inventions are important and why people invent. They also learn more about how to use resources such as books, software, and the internet to conduct research into a topic and to answer questions.

Its a Zoo Out There
Elementary students become curators of a zoo as they research the climate, locations, plants and animals contained within a biome. Their goal is to create a zoo that has six different display areas, one for each biome. It is the students' responsibility to make recommendations about which plants and animals should be included in each of the biomes, as well as the climatic conditions that each biome will need to preserve life residing there.

Leaves of Fall 
A Webquest for Kindergarten students

Light and Shadows
Study light and shadow in famous paintings  - For upper elementary aged students. 

Maps - What You Can Learn From Them
This is a Treasure Hunt for information about reading, using, understanding and making maps. Maps can provide us with all kinds of information. We can use a map to find directions, to discover characteristics of the land, to study weather patterns or populations of a specific region, to locate rivers, mountains, and lakes, or to find the distance between two places.

Matter - What is Matter?
In this Webquest high school students are asked to explain the basic structure of the atom and the elements in our universe, as well as the fundamental particles that make up the matter of our universe. "Strong Force", "Weak Force" and "Electromagnetic Force" are also explored.

M&M Averaging and Percentage Project
Sixth grade students work in pairs, recording their own data, creating graphs and and posting their information on line to share with others. Students should have some experience with averages and percentages.

Multiple Intelligence Theory 
During this exploration of the theory of Multiple Intelligences, students create a project based upon the life of a famous person who possesses strong characteristics in one or more of the 8 intelligences.

Music Resource Webquest - Using Library Resources
This website designed to familiarize students with music resources in the library, and the skills they will need to use to access them. 

Percents and the Savvy Shopper
Most people find it hard to pass up a chance to save money at a sale. Stores put up SALE signs lure us into their shops.  The question is.... "how much money do you really save at sales?"  This Webquest will help you understand how to figure it out. 

These webpages are designed to help students learn about this important musical instrument. 

Respect: A Webquest based upon the book, "The Meanest Thing to Say" by Bill Cosby.

Resume Writing - What do I do with the rest of my life? 
Can’t wait to get out of high school?  Juniors and seniors…. you are getting out soon! What will you do with your life? Freshman and sophomores …here is your opportunity to become a little more prepared for life after high school. 

Revolutionary WEBQUEST - Declaration of Independence
ThinkQuest project on the Revolutionary war offers a transcription of the document's text, a look at the original, and a list of the 56 signers.

Romeo & Juliet: Your Big Break!
A Webquest for 9th Grade Language Arts, for closure, after reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

What do you do when you see a spider? Do you just kill it? Lets take some time to find out more about spiders and discover what fascinating creatures they are.  

Lots of examples and symmetry projects! 

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights (For elementary students) 
Many students do not know much about the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  This Webquest focuses on helping 4th to 6th grade students learn why the Constitution was created, why it is important, an how the Constitution affects our lives.

A Wequest on the Relationship Between Balance of Trade and Exchange Rates. 

Vocabulary Development

Whales (For grades 1 and 2 or students with special needs)
Students will discover the difference between a toothed whale and a baleen whale, and become an expert on one whale.

Washington State Webquest
Students take the role of a reporter for the state of Washington and  use the Internet to explore Washington state geography, government, history, and facts about Washington’s 5 regions.

Water Quality WebQuest
Real-world biology application studies water quality and chemical cycles. Students research how changes affect species in streams.

WebQuest 1930's
Offers access to sites related to 1930's history and society. Features links to biographies, timelines, and events of the Great Depression era.

What Makes Me Special? 
Kindergarten and First Grades: Everyone is the world is special. No two people are exactly the same, not even twins. You will find out something that is special about you. 





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