The Dynamic Nature of
ePortfolio Requirements & Processes

A panel discussion on ePortfolio systems for graduate and undergraduate students presented at NECC in Philadelphia, PA  Tuesday, 6/28/2005, 11:00am­ 12:00pm. The panel will examine changes implemented, as well as the challenges, barriers, and recommendations related to modifying requirements and processes.



 Presentation Outline

 Proposal Summary


Below you will find the papers contributed by members of
the Panel Discussion group:

  1. Ann Cunningham - Wake Forest University ePortfolio Stories.

  2. Joyce Morris - University of Vermont ePortfolio Story: Evolving Portfolios.

  3. Laura Turner - Black Hills State University ePortfolio Stories.

  4. Arlene Borthwick - National College of Education, National-Louis University ePortfolio Stories.

  5. Davina Pruitt-Mentle - University of Maryland College Park ePortfolio Stories.

  6. Linda Mensing Triplett - Lesley University ePortfolio Stories.

  7. Diane Judd - Valdosta State University ePortfolio Stories

 Each section below represents a review and summary of one section of the papers contributed above.

Section I   - Rationale For Portfolios

Section II  - Changes Implemented in the Portfolio

Section III - Reasons for Changes in the Portfolio

Section IV - Assessing Internal and External Environments as the Basis for Changes.

Section V  - Planning for Review of the Portfolio Process

Section VI - Challenges and Barriers to the Portfolio Process and to Modifying the Portfolio Process

Section VII - Recommendations